Leon: The Professional. Gary Oldman and Portman showstealers, Reno a perfect hitman.

on Monday, April 4, 2011

Leon: The Professional is a 1994 action film starring Jean Reno and Natalie Portman. It was remade in Hindi with the name of Bichchoo (2002)with Bobby Deol and Rani Mukerjee in lead roles.

Leon Montana(Reno) is a hitman who works under the local Mafioso tony who runs a restaurant in posh New York City. One day, he accidentally meets a 12 year old girl named Mathilda( Portman) who smokes and has not been attending school since days, thanks to her abusive father and neglective mother. Mathilda’s father is a drug peddler who is being paid by some of the corrupt Drug Enforcement Administration detectives to store cocaine in his house. However, it is discovered that he has been selling some of the cocaine for himself. As an act of punishment, he and his entire family is brutally murdered on the orders of Norman Stansfield(Oldman) , a senior DEA detective. However, Mathilda is saved as she had gone for shopping during her carnage. After returning from shopping, she is shocked to see the corpse of her family and is taken for refuge in Leon’s room as Stansfield is hunting to shoot her down. Mathilda starts living with Leon and learns the techniques of using firearms in order to avenge the death of her family. The film ends with Leon killing Gary and dying in this process.

The film received favourable reviews and the performances of Gary Oldman and Jean Reno were received well by the critics. Even Portman was appreciated for her role as a child artiste. This movie is a must watch for action movie lovers.

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