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Prerna Panwar, March 30, 2011

Manoj Sharma known as Manu (R. Madhavan), a delhi boy was engaged this Kanpur girl Tanuja Trivedi or known as Tanu (Kangana Ranaut). But the engagement was soon called off as tanu was already in love with some other guy and forced manu to call of the engagement. Manu meets Tanu once again at a friend's wedding where they came close . While madhvan secretly admire and love Tanu, she reveals of her plans to run with her boyfriend Raja (Jimmy Sheirgill) and get married to him. Though manu was heartbroken, he plays the selfless role by tryin to talk to tanu’s father and arranging for their marriage for duo. The rest as they say is history.

The film is a love story about today's young generation and their senseless love, the dialogues in the movie makes the thinking of the youth more clear and evident. It is a love triangle story which reminds us of SRK’s kuch kuch hota hai, the second half of the story has the Jab We Met sequence, where Kareena Kapoor’s rebellious and outgoing character Geet is as similar to Kangana Ranaut's.

The story is predictable but still makes the interest of the viewer in the story, Kangana's nonconformist character, who smokes, drinks and abuses, doesn't work, the days when love triangles were about who will win the girl are gone and a new trend have started where the winner is preset and the plot moves how he will win the girl.

The movie is a onetime watch. It is a comedy romantic genre where u will be entertained with the comedy and will enjoy watching the simple love story.

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