on Sunday, December 19, 2010

It is a 3D animated fantasy feature with the voices of Jim Sturgess, Emily Barclay, Ryan Kwanten, Hugo Weaving, Helen Mirren and Geoffrey Rush, directed by Zack Snyder (director of 300 and watchmen), and based on the first three books in Kathryn Lasky's bestselling series, "The Guardians of Ga'Hoole".

It is a visual masterpiece with some of the finest animation one can find. The voice acting is fantastic. When I went to watch the movie I thought it would be for children but the movie is actually for a mature audience. The movie is one of the best animated movies I have watched so far. Every character is apart in the film and the owls are magnificent to look at. From visual effects to soundtracks, everything in the movie is perfect. The armors of the guardians were truly magnificent and every detail from the feathers of the owls to a drop of rain is clearly visible.
There were plenty of slow motion shots in the second half of the story with several owl to owl fight scenes, thus the second half of the movie is more dominating.
It is a must watch if animation is your cup of tea.

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lol said...

I sure am gonna watch it! a big fan of animation :)

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